Online Total Transformation Course 

12 Weeks  | (6) 1:1 Sessions

Do you feel exhausted or that your internal spark has gone out? 

Do you wake up with niggling aches and pains?

Do you suffer from low mood or anxiety?

Are the symptoms of peri-menopause or menopause getting you down?

Do you feel like there is something else you should be doing but you don't know what ?

Do you believe that our emotions have a physical affect on us?

Would you like to have a wonderful relaxing massage treatment that enables you to just ' let go' to totally unlock and release all that tension and baggage  you are unconsciously  carrying around ? 

If something is created 'unconsciously' it cannot be solved 'consciously '  . We become our own blind spot. That's where I come in with my therapy.

I am an holistic massage therapist, an NLP practitioner , energy healer and intuitive body therapist.

 I tune into your body and decipher what it is its trying to tell you.

 The secret messages that it continually tries to communicate to you,

The 12 week course 

What do you get ?

- Daily prompts and daily support 

- Weekly tasks to help you access and unravel the secret messages of your body/ soul.

- Coaching call each week on the weeks task

- 6 x 90 minute one to one Connect therapy session's

- Personalized guided meditation/ visualization on your current situation, plus other useful meditations, connecting and grounding techniques

First six weeks are all about letting go and the next six on focusing on what you want.

I believe we all have a gift to bring to the world. 

Full Price for 12 week Course - £895

Special Early Bird Price if you sign up before April 2020 - £495