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Intuitive Healing Massage / 

Connect Therapy

Through bodywork I can help release knots and tension held in the physical body and through healing I can release any stuck energy or unresolved emotions held in our energetic field and on a subconscious, cellular level.

This works best as a course of treatment and I offer a twelve week Rejuvenate and Empower Package  which consists of six fortnightly 90 minute sessions with a personalised meditation and coaching to listen to between each session.

The area that I specilise in in releasing energetic blocks is in Fertility and Trying to Conceive . For this I recommend a 24 week course and a package personalised to you.


Ple see my Blog page for more info on my Intuitive Massage

Vegan Healing Facials

Cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and Nourish your skin whilst you enjoy a healing and therapeutic pressure point massage of the face and scalp and releasing massage of neck, shoulders and decollete.

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Reiki & Angelic Healing


 Natural Vegan Skincare, Beauty and Make Up.



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Reiki & Angelic Healing

We are all made of energy and can sometimes feel 'stuck' and 'out of sorts' when we get blockages in our energetic system that can affect us physically.

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Reiki & Angelic Healing

Therapeutic Massage 

I specialise in the treatment of acute pain due to deep seated tension and knots.

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Pre & Postnatal

Specialised massage and treatments for relaxation and treatment of acute pain throughout pregnancy and after. 

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