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Meeting my Guides

April, 2019

So here’s the thing you are all probably thinking okay then she’s nuts - Totally away with the fairies. (Which is exactly why I have chosen to keep it hidden!)

But for me this is very real, because I live it, I feel it, I experience it - every day!!

Every day I feel my guides, they have been tapping on my head for a quite awhile now, trying to get my attention. It’s only in the last 18 months or so that I have decided to fully take notice and work with them even though they have actually been working with me for years; I just cut myself off from it.

So how it all began – well it actually began a long, long time ago. Even As a child I had an interest in all things holistic, spiritual and metaphysical. I remember having Tarot Cards not that I ever done a reading or anything but I just had a pack. I would read books and books on the subject plus psychology books and how the mind works and the subconscious as it just absolutely fascinated me. I remember buying a book ‘Called how to develop Psychic Touch’. Now I never read this book, just flicked through it and I kept it for a long time gathering dust. So I eventually threw it out a few years ago. But now I’m gobsmacked by that, somewhere on a soul level I knew that that was the work that I was meant to do! I could really do with reading that book now; I think I would find it very interesting!

So now at the grand age of 45! It’s taken me this long to figure out exactly what my calling is, my career has always been in therapy, beauty therapy, massage therapy, training, teaching and always specialising in deep body work but not really realising my full potential.

So I guess the pivotal turning point for me was when I first went self employed. So I gave up a local, very well paid and secure money guaranteed job because I felt unfulfilled and wanted to create something that was ‘me’. I dreamed of creating my own treatment. With a young family and mortgage to pay – maybe a crazy thing to do!?!

But as soon as I did I was given a gift by getting one of my first mobile based clients who saw the value in me and my treatments and she told me she was going to pay far more than I had set my prices to , because that’s what she thought I was worth. I would now class her as a good friend. She continues to book treatments with me every 3 – 4 weeks for her and her husband and has also got me other very well paying clients.

It was only after my 3rd or 4th treatment with her that she decided to tell me that when I massaged her she could see my guides. She saw different guides, moving my hands, standing behind me working with me. Two were dressed as doctors and were professors of medicine, one a yoga master, a sister or nun, a Chinese man, a Hindu, an Egyptian. Each one plays a different role depending on what is needed to be healed within the client that I am working on. Now where she could see them, I could feel them.

She started to draw pictures of my guides after a treatment and every treatment new guides would come. The other week an amazing angel came through with the most beautiful loving energy, it completely took my breath away! I know now that I am just the channel and the healing comes through me not from me.

So you see this truly was a gift not only for me but for Mrs. B as I ignited this talent within her and her within me.

The fact that she is a successful business woman, an MD of a company with great responsibility and pressure on her shoulders, grounded, logical, wealthy, someone far from being away with the fairies has really helped to ground me and to bring this to the forefront of my work.

This is when I decided to invest in and work with experienced medium, Susan Kennard after a mission reading with her when I had never met her before confirmed everything. As soon as Susan started her reading with me, she said ‘oh I can see white light coming out of your hands’ she went onto say that my mission in life is to ‘heal unresolved emotions and blocks that are trapped in the spinal column of clients ‘and in a nutshell that is my calling – Intuitive Healing Massage.

The hidden message in this story is that there is a clue in what you are interested in, a clue to doing your perfect work that will find you success and fulfillment. We all know deep down what our calling is, it just sometimes scares the hell out of us!

I am now going to fully stand in my power and adjust my timings and prices accordingly to the level of work that I do – 90 minutes is the minimum amount of time that I can successfully carry out my work in one session. The price for this is £85.

I will also be offering Intensive Courses of 6 weekly treatments, as I know that this is the most effective way that I can help people and truly make a difference, details coming soon.

I am going to honor my previous price of £60 for 90 minutes for the next six clients . I also have a new treatment room, in Bexhill on-sea.

Please enter YES in the comments if you are interested in grabbing one of these slots !

What does mental well-being mean?

February 14, 2018

Mental well-being means "You care about yourself and you care for yourself. You love yourself, not hate yourself. You look after your physical health – eat well, sleep well, exercise and enjoy yourself.

Personal Empowerment means that you have clear boundaries about what you will accept or not accept and no one will mess with you as they know this! You get respect from others as you show respect and wont settke for anything less! 

Intuitive Healing Massage 

Take care of your inner beauty ...that will show on your face ...

November, 2018

Through bodywork I physically can remove knots and tension and through hands on healing of the highest dimension I can release blocked energy.

Energy blockages that are keeping you from moving forward in your life , repeating old patterns , old hurts coming up to be healed , history repeating itself .

Reoccurring pain , illness and disorders remind us of the stuck energy we need to shift .

Negative feelings and emotions build up in the body when we push our unwanted feelings away or bury them deep causing ‘ dis - ease ‘

We are all made of atoms so negative atoms become stuck in our energetic system in our cellular memory and subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is something like  7,0000 more powerful than our thinking minds.

I will get a sense of the un ease that is being held in your energy system and help to release this.

I use a combination of massage and healing but also of facials and healing . Reflexology Foot massage and Indian head massage .

A unique mix of spa and esoteric treatments and coaching.

A bespoke combination mind, body and spirit made perfectly for you. 

My story ...  How a subconscious block after a traumatic birth had prevented me from easily conceiving and carrying a second child.

May 2019

This subconscious block that I mentioned earlier I realized was what was happening to me after I experienced a very traumatic birth with my son ten years ago and even though I was offered counselling at the time I never took it as I was at the time practising NLP where it teaches you to focus on what you want and not what you don’t want. I thought I was being strong. Both I and my son were OK now there was no need to keep going back over the past.

But little did I know then that any trauma not dealt with remains frozen in our body, in our subconscious.

This become more apparent after my next pregnancy resulted in loss, a repeating pattern of at first taking approximately twelve months to conceive and ending in missed miscarriage. My body never let go, my body never let me know that I had miscarried. I was mortified. A very taboo subject as nobody really talks about it, but is also very common. I have to be honest I didn’t really know how to deal with it. Plus But all of the hormones and emotions that go with it, I think that’s what really wrecks your brain.

The hurt cut deep for me. Deeper than I ever really let on, and it totally knocked me for six. There was this big unresolved ball of feelings and fear trapped in me that was blocking my ability to fall pregnant again. And as hard as I tried I couldn’t let it go. It wasn’t a conscious thing. The more I tried the harder it got, it was out of my control. And everywhere I looked there were pregnant women.

Never before had I felt so useless, desperate and helpless. If I wanted something in my life I went after it, I worked hard, I was determined, tenacious. But this it didn’t work like that. I had to let go and I didn’t know how to! I wanted this more than anything, my body hurt, my mind was messed up. No amount of shopping, clothes, shoes could fill this void ! 

Can you relate? Fed up of going through this on your own? Let me take your hand and take you through the steps that I used in my own life to turn this around!

As I said my first birth had been horrific and very traumatic and something that I didn’t want to repeat. So I used the same process all the way through my second pregnancy and had the most amazing empowering birth. I actually enjoyed giving birth- what a turnaround! 

Please message me to find out ways that I can help you discover and overcome any subconscious blocks. 

How Thoughts Become Things...

April 2019

  • A blog about how we are thoughts create our experiences and how we are the creators of our own reality.
  • Until the day that I could visualize myself clearly holding my baby girl, a wonderful family of four. Until the day that I could see clearly and with clarity in my minds eye and I could feel it with all my heart and believe it will all my might was the day that I let go of the fear . The fear that blocked me from attracting and receiving what it was that I wanted into my life.
  • Just as the picture says ...if you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand ... and it is so true.
  • I guide you through this within my treatments... call or message me to find out more

Connect Therapy

Hi my name is Corrinne Bishop and I am a Beauty and Holistic Therapist and Intuitive Body Therapist. I have over 25 years experience in the field and continually adding to and increasing my skills.

🌟 I have recently developed my own healing modality called Connect Therapy which I have been working on developing for the past 15 years .

💫 In Connect Therapy I use a combination of different therapies to work on completely connecting and aligning mind, body and spirit.

⭐️ I believe that when the mind and body are not in complete alignment this is where unease , dis-ease and disconnection happens.

🌟 Because if they are not working together they are working against each other . The problem is that most of us do not realise this as it all takes place on a subconscious level !

💫 I combine deep tissue massage and many of my other massage expertise to help physically remove pain and tension and deep seated pain points and energy blocks .

⭐️ I use reiki and five dimensional angelic healing to remove energetic and subconscious blocks and meditation, coaching and NLP plus other techniques I have learnt to link with mind and spirit.

🌟 Everybody is different and will hold their pain and subconscious blocks in different areas depending on what their life experiences have been , what trauma they may have encountered and how they have dealt with it or not dealt with it.

⭐️ The latter being the most common and if it has not been dealt with it remains dormant and unresolved within the body , subconsciously affecting everything we do.

💫 It is like a puzzle to unravel for each unique person, to put back the pieces so that there are no missing links. So that light and energy can completely connect and flow with no interruptions. Life can flow !

⭐️ I have led a very full life, my life has never been boring or sheltered or protected. It has been full of the most amazing highs and some very low lows, being a naturally quiet and reserved person Ive kept most of the lows ( and highs) to myself .

🌟 But I realize now that I experienced everything I have experienced for a reason , to learn , to grow and to then teach and help others. ( and this is the same for all of us to learn and grow from our experiences otherwise the pattern will keep repeating itself ! )

💫 This is my passion , this is my work . i wouldn’t of been ready to do this ten years ago or two years ago but I am ready now !

⭐️ I have worked on myself enough to be a clear channel to receive guidance and to be able to help others find theirs.

🌟I am offering a course of treatments

A Brand Nu U ... an intensive 12 week package where you will receive 6 fortnightly sessions of my intensive therapy and there will be deep work for you to do in between each session which we will then work on releasing.

💫 I promise throughout this program I would of helped you to identify where the energetic and subconscious blocks are being held and that we will start to release them .

⭐️ I promise throughout this program you will begin to feel aligned mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually so that your vibration will be perfectly matched for what you want to receive in your life.

💫 I promise throughout this program your mind, body and spirit will begin to open up and begin to flow so that the universe can mirror back to you what you truly wish or desire .

⭐️ I will continue to post or do short live videos over the coming days and weeks to delve deeper into this therapy , different scenarios where it has helped people and where I have used it in my own life to overcome blocks . One of the most amazing and substantial one being my daughter Caris who once upon a time I thought I would never have . 🌈💖

💫 If you would like to ask me any questions please comment or PM me for more details


The Effect of Negative Emotions on The Body and the Key to Good Heath.

So after being a massage therapist for as long as I can remember ....I got really curious as to what was really behind all of these knots and tension.

Yes I could make people feel better with a lovely relaxing and therapeutic massage but hey in a matter of weeks or even days the tension was back.

My work was like a plaster a quick fix but not really getting to the bottom of it and as I delved deeper into it I have realised that what it all comes down to is ...

'stuck emotions being trapped in the body' ..

...unprocessed emotions become stuck, blocks the energy flow and affects the persons entire system.

I can also tell you that all organs, tissues, and cells carry an energetic frequency.

Negative emotions and negative thoughts have a different energetic frequency to healthy cells and because of that they can distort the organs, tissues and cells around where they are stored.

When the energetic frequency of the body gets too low dis-ease has a perfect environment to live and thrive in.

Why is there so much disease in the world right now?

Most people are not good at expressing their emotions, we bury them deep because we don't want to face them or we think we are being strong.

I can tell you that you can dramatically improve your health and well being by releasing trapped and negative emotions and making your body an environment where dis-ease cannot thrive,

Our bodies are absolutely amazing at self healing!

Releasing negative emotions from the body will give our bodies the best chance of that self healing and what a better way to do it than whilst having a wonderful , relaxing massage??, 2018