About Me

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The joy of the massage.

Corrinne Bishop. Qualified since 1992.

 Born in Hastings, I first qualified as a Beauty Therapist at Hastings College after completing a two year course straight from school. My career took me far and wide and included working aboard cruise ships and as a personal masseur for  a multi-millionaire aboard his private yacht.  My strength being in massage -  I went on to learn many different techniques that I would teach in spa hotels across Europe, I worked in various Senior therapist and Management positions in Central London, Kent and East Sussex and also as a Beauty Lecturer and Assessor in local colleges. 

My fascination in the mind, body, spirit connection grew and grew and I went on to learn more Holistic therapies such as Indian Head Massage,  Acupressure Facials , Reflexology the really delved into the workings of the mind and the subconscious when I studied and then qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming , Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching in June, 2005.

I was first attuned to Reiki Healing level 1 in March 2005, then went on to Reiki 2 in September that year and then Reiki Master in July, 2008.

I was first attuned to Reiki in 2005 and found that it sparked my own spiritual cleansing and healing and  heightened my sensitivity to peoples energy. I found I could feel in my own body where people were aching and hurting as I would perform a massage and work within their energy system. My mood could significantly change after I had given a massage as I would take on all of their worry and negative emotions and they would leave feeling fantastic! 

This made me 'close off' as many times had left me feeling drained and dreadful. So I concentrated on my beauty therapy and teaching work whilst I raised my family.

 But the feeling that I could and should be doing 'more' never left me as neither did my curiosity or my complete fascination in the mind, body and spirit connection.

 This has always been my secret passion my whole life which  I continually expand my knowledge and understanding through books, research, treatments, workshops and courses, 

Its like an obsession that I cant get enough of so I knew i had to make this my life's work.

No doubt , this is my calling... my souls purpose and the work I was born to do.

My Style of Working ...

My style of working now is to incorporate and embrace all of my skills, knowledge and experience from over the past twenty seven years and bring a totally unique treatment that is personalised and bespoke to the individual. 

I will tune into your energy and what you need.

My hands will just find any knot or  area of stuck energy and tension that you might not of even been aware of yourself.

Throughout  the treatment or course of treatment we will uncover the root cause of any discomfort, anxiety, fear, reoccurring pain or illness or condition whatever it might be that is holding you back.

I will help you to reconnect any disconnection and help you understand how your daily thoughts and actions can bring about lasting change.

This therapy I call Connect Therapy .

To bring a totally holistic treatment ...mind, body, spirit.

I help women who are so busy giving to everyone else that somehow they have lost touch with who they are.

I specialise in increasing your self-worth which impacts on everything around you, the quality of your relationships, how much you earn and what you attract towards you. 

I also overcome infertlity when I had not healed my own trauma and losses so this is the other area of expertise removing any energetic blocks that are standing in your way of conceiving. Read about my story in one of my blogs x